Sunday, January 27, 2008

1964 Literary Novelty - anyone know anything about it?

"I Was A Negro Playboy Bunny" by Anna English, 1964, Novel Books, Chicago.
Does anyone know anything about this book or the woman who wrote it?
Why did she write it and what has happened to her since 1964?

Post on this blog if you know anything about her or her book, please.

Front Cover book description:

"I Was A Negro Playboy Bunny" (at New York's Playboy club)"

"The beautiful woman you see on this cover was once a Playboy the startling story (in her owns words) of what goes on behind the doors of the wildest sex palace in the world - the New York Playboy club - and behind her own doors!"

Other Negro Sex Queens Speak Out On Their White Lovers!"

"A Novel Book First Person Exclusive"

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