Thursday, September 25, 2008

Does A Bad Economy Impact Interracial Relationships?

If anybody sees any sort of impact from the steadily worsening economy on interracial relationships, feel free to post whatever you know of on this blog. By "impact" I am referring to two things: do you see any sort of reluctance on the part of either Whites or Blacks to "stick their neck out" by getting involved with someone of another race, because times are getting tough, as well as whether you see (or hear about?) that there is any sort of increased social pressure, explicit or implicit, to stick to members of your own race, possibly promulgated by family members? It would come as no surprise to hear that certain types of men with a less-than-minimal attachment to the labor force might be pressuring women of their own race to socialize only within their own race and telling those women bestow a large portion fo their paychecks on those stay-at-home gentlemen of leisure.